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Editing Details


First, let me congratulate you on writing! Now on to editing! Wisdom pursues an editor to help your work reach full potential. I recently read, “no book you ever loved went unedited” (Brooks, L, n.d.). Given the truth of that statement, I appreciate you considering me to fulfill this need.

Scheduling Requirement

To begin the process of being a personal client, please email me to make certain that I will be able to schedule editing your work by your personal deadline. I desire to ensure that you have your work back when you need it so that your project stays on target. I choose clients and projects carefully, and return work promptly if you need to find a different editor. Once confirmed, send your work via email in a Word document.

I understand it takes trust to forward your work. Know that I protect your work and anonymity. If you need references, feel free to let me know.

Editing Pricing Style and Formatting

I set price on a per word instead of by the hour. My pricing style benefits the writer. I tend to be very thorough. I work to get you the best edit for your money. As a result, it may take me more time to make certain of the accuracy and completeness of my suggestions. I prefer using my time to your utmost advantage.


After you send your work, I estimate the pricing for you.  I require all projects to be assessed (nominal fee for my time, depending on length of document). This allows us to determine suitability of working relationship and whether or not I choose to retain the writer as client. I may refrain from accepting a client for any reason, expressed or unexpressed.

Read through my blog or visit Amazon to read a sample chapter of my book to evaluate my personal writing and editing style. I try to be as accommodating as possible, but additional edits increase pricing. Communication is critical.


Your work will remain confidential. Unless given permission, I keep authors’ names anonymous. I desire to keep your work yours, to share at your discretion.

Once I complete editing, I return your documents and all rights to you as owner of the work. I reserve the right to keep edits on file for the purposes of future editing. Also, I may use a small sample of your work in my professional portfolio. I will inquire before a sample is used.

Finally, after I receive payment for the assessment and estimate pricing for the job, you may discuss down-payment and installment options with me if needed. I expect prompt payment for services rendered. Luke 10:7b (TLB) reads, “the workman is worthy of his wages.” I am fair, but I also value my time. The minimum fee for any service is $25.

Click this link to pay for the minimum $25 assessment, once schedule is approved.

General Pricing

To give authors a general idea of pricing, the rate per word may range from $.015/word to $.75/word depending on the type of editing needed. The assessment determines the level of editing required. Once I return the edit, the author may opt for an additional edit after reworking the material and making corrections.

Example Client 1:

Assessment – $25

Heavy Editing Required – $.035/word on 1,000 word blog post = $35

Author makes adjustments. Chooses second edit.

Re-submission – $.028/word on 1,000 word blog post = $28

Final Cost – $88 for project

Turnaround Time

<1,000 words – 5 business days

<5,000 words – 10 business days

<10,000 words – 15 business days

Please communicate clearly if you require work returned more quickly. Prices increase depending on level of urgency.


Email Holly to determine pricing and schedule your assessment now.