Author Editor Holly Murray


Holly Murray is a former school teacher with experience in both public and private schools.  She chose to be a stay-at-home mom after the birth of her firstborn. During her time at home, she completed a Master’s degree in education.  Holly returned to the classroom in 2009.  Voted teacher-of-the-year by her peers in 2010, she held the position of lead teacher in her grade before leaving her educational career.  Holly enjoyed using her imagination and creativity in writing and loved to push her students to excellence.

Holly and her family are actively involved in ministry at their church.  She’s on staff at New Life Church in Augusta, Georgia.  She loves encouraging others to find their place and enjoys singing on the worship team. Her greatest joy is listening to and watching her own children using their gifts in ministry, but she also loves to hear her husband play the saxophone.

Residing in a rural part of Georgia with her family, Holly spends the majority of her time writing, editing, and working through high-school curriculum with her youngest. Her eldest graduated in 2018 and attends a local technical college. She enjoys crocheting, reading, and encouraging others to pursue all God has for them. She also enjoys traveling with her husband of 23 years, Keith.

Author Editor Holly Murray

Hey, are you looking for some encouragement?  Check out Holly’s post about using what’s in your hand. Your story matters and God wants to use what you already have! What has God done for you? What do you have in your hand? With what abilities has God blessed you? Chances are, that is your starting point! Let’s get going on God’s calling!

Believing for a Miracle

The photos below are snapshots of the journey the Murrays walked to which are referred in Holly’s book, Believing for a Miracle (available on her website or on Amazon).

The first photo in the series was taken on the beach trip when the rash on her eldest son’s leg was first discovered. Some of the photos will show that the Murrays’ youngest son shaved his head in support of his brother. The Murrays were blessed with gifts to make their hospital stays more comfortable, and were comforted by the prayers and encouragement of family and friends. Many meals were delivered and visits enjoyed to make the long days bearable.  ,

No matter what you face, God loves you and wants to see you walk in victory! The promises in His Word are for you, and so is He!