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I’m a former school teacher, but spend most of my time these days writing to encourage women to pursue all God has for them.

If you love reading Scripture, hearing about God’s promises for you, and being reminded how amazingly He created you, you’ll feel right at home here!

My goal is to bring encouragement to you, each time you visit this site. I hope the stories I share will hit the mark as we journey through life together, learning and growing to be more like Jesus every day. 

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Holly Murray Author Editor

Holly Murray

If you are anything like me, your days are full from the moment your feet hit the floor. I often think, “If I get some free time, I’ll . . . ” The reality is, free time is a rare occurrence for me. Instead, I must schedule what is most important. I pray that as you schedule what is necessary,  you include time to read my little piece of the Internet. My fervent wish is to encourage you every time you visit this site.

God has a plan and purpose for your life. Even when things seem impossible, the report is negative, and the pressure is high, God can still make a way for you. In fact, He WANTS to! He can use what the enemy meant to cause you to stumble, fall, or fail to be the biggest set up of your life. 

My most difficult seasons have caused me to lean harder on the Lord, spend more time in His Word, and read more material to keep my outlook positive. It is in Him that I gain strength that sustains me through every storm that comes my way. He will do the same for you. You are loved by Him and more valuable than you can even imagine.

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Believing for a Miracle Holly Murray Author Editor

Believing for a Miracle

If you have ever needed a miracle in your life, have faced a bad diagnosis, or been given no hope in a situation, Believing for a Miracle is for you.

Believing for a Miracle will encourage you to hold fast to the promises in God's Word. He is faithful and He is for you.
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