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Does It Really Matter?

“And don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you’ve planted is coming!

Galatians 6:9, TPT

I was a schoolteacher. When my boys started school, I had high expectations and pushed them to do their very best. I felt it really mattered. In first grade, my eldest was writing full page essays and working through two different math and phonics curriculums along with his other subjects. My youngest completed two curriculums in one school term. I was a stickler for great scores and working hard.

Then, at age eleven, my eldest was diagnosed with cancer. As we learned to navigate a new, unexpected season, I had an epiphany. School isn’t everything. It isn’t life or death. Making straight A’s doesn’t make a person immune to trouble, nor does it make them a better person.

Does It Really Matter Holly Murray Author Editor

The Things That Really Matter

I wanted (and still want) my children to do well. It is more important, however, that they do what God wants them to do than to meet my personal standards of achievement. I needed to look at my expectations and ask, “Does it really matter?”

My children need to recognize God’s love for them. That really matters. They need to know their parents love them unconditionally. That matters, too. My children need to care more about helping other people and sharing about Jesus than any other ideal I had for them.

How quickly we can get sucked in to life’s pressures and forget what really matters. When we don’t ask what really matters, it is easy to become discouraged as we strive to do all the things and keep up with all the demands. This isn’t God’s plan. He doesn’t want us to grow weary of doing good. But we need to ask what good things God wants us to be doing in the first place. Focus on what really matters and invest our time in those areas.

Focus on What Really Matters

There is nothing wrong with encouraging our children to do their best. We all need to give our best effort. But navigate others to ask God for His help in all He calls them to do, and set the example. Think of all the good surrounding us. It’s so easy to take our blessings for granted.

Does it Really Matter Holly Murray Author Editor

To the mama who is struggling with changing schedules and the demands of teachers, relax. For the one who is trying to figure out how to solve that math problem in an untraditional way, it is going to be okay. If you find a toy in the middle of the bowl of jello or have baby powder all over the floor, take a picture. I promise you will laugh later. If you feel ready to cry because you’re so tired and the day isn’t even over, take a moment and ask God to help you. He is always listening.

Make Investments in What Matters

These problems will pass. Don’t be discouraged. We won’t always make perfect decisions, but we can give our best effort to make great investments in our family. Take a break and do something fun. Go outside and pick flowers. Throw a ball and lay in the grass. Blow on dandelions and watch the wind carry the white wispy seeds away in the cool autumn breeze. Hug your babies and tell them you love them. Tell them about Jesus and how much He loves them, too. Teach them kindness by example. Focus on what matters.

Babies grow so quickly. Blink and they are entering elementary school. Blink again and they are graduating high school. Your children won’t remember how hard tonight’s homework is or even what their classmate said that hurt their feelings. They will always remember that you took the time to be patient and encourage them, and that you pointed them to Jesus. They will remember the things that really matter.

Don’t throw in the towel. You are going to make it. The season of reaping what you are sowing is coming, and God will give you everything you need to succeed in the meantime. You are His child, after all. He wants the best for you, too.

He wants you to create sweet, memorable moments to look back on and enjoy for years to come. You have wonderful memories to create. Why not start now? Ask yourself, “Does it really matter?” Then focus on what is most important.

Prayer Holly D Murray Author Editor

A Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I am so thankful I am Your daughter. I know You see me and love me, despite my imperfections and mistakes. Forgive me for every sin I have knowingly or unknowingly committed, and I forgive and release everyone from any wrong they have done to me.

I thank You for the gifts of family and friends. Help me, Father, to focus on what You call me to do – that is what is most important. Help me not to make mountains out of mole hills and to be patient with those I love. Lead me to be a good wife, daughter, mother, and friend. Help me to point others to You.

Thank You for the beautiful memories I have already created and thank You for all the ones in my future! I love You, Father. Thank you for always loving me.

In Jesus’ Name,


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